Radiant Heating Systems

Today’s home heating options are more efficient and effective than ever before. While all the traditional methods such as wood, coal, electric boilers, oil fired boilers and natural gas can provide heating, none are as efficient as when they are coupled with the effectiveness and efficiency of radiant heat distribution systems. Radiant heat is among the most efficient system’s available on the market today.

Radiant in floor heat is our specialty. We design and install complete systems for new home construction and for existing home remodels we use amazing products such as Uponors Quik Trak in floor heating transfer panels. These components are perfect for the remodel of bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and even entire home heating restorations. We install and service these units and we can help you save thousands of dollars over the course of the time you own your home.


Benefits of Radiant in Floor Heating Systems

They are Clean

Because in radiant systems have no need for a blower fan like a hot air furnace, they do not circulate dirt, dust, pollutants or allergens throughout the home.

They are Comfortable

Radiant systems reaches every corner of your home or business. Unlike forced air, in floor heating systems comfortably heat and take the chill out of every room. A radiant in floor heating system is designed to concentrates the heat near the floor where you and your family can benefit from it.

They are Economical

These systems can reduce your heating bills dramatically. While saving energy is good for you financially, Radiant heat is also good for the environment.

They are Versatile

A properly installed in floor heating system works with any kind of floor covering. Even with the low temperatures of Alaska, it is ideal for installations in concrete slabs: lower levels, basements and garages. Radiant heating systems are great for tough to heat areas like bathrooms, tub areas, and in custom showers. Radiant heating offers solutions that no other type of heating systems can even attempt to solve.

We are Uponor Trained for Installation

Paragon Mechanical has an amazing manufactures Guaranteed Warranty. We are Uponor-trained, that means to you the Uponor Radiant heating system is guaranteed for 30 years by the manufacturer.


Ask About A Retrofit to Radiant Heat

If your old boiler or furnace has seen it’s last leg why not consider moving to a much more efficient radiant in floor heat system. There are many new and revolutionary products on the market today that make changing over to a new heating system easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Various Installation Methods

Uponor Quick Trak System

Uponor Products

Call us today for an estimate and to get the latest and best technology available today. We can help you design and install radiant in floor heating systems in new homes or retrofits for existing homes or businesses. Paragon Mechanical plumbers are experts in hot water heating and boiler systems. We install only high quality high efficiency boilers and tubing to ensure the best service and cost savings over the long haul.