Alaska Water Softeners & Water Filter Systems

Water softeners and water filters are a must for most Alaska homes, especially if they are on a well system. Our line of Nugen Water Systems is among the finest home water softeners, home water conditioning systems, and home water filters available. They are perfect for well water systems found in Wasilla, Palmer, and the Mat-Su Valley.

Paragon Mechanical sells, installs, and repairs all water softeners, water conditioners, and water filter equipment. We service the Wasilla, Palmer, and the entire Mat-Su valley.

Water Purification Systems

Paragon Mechanical has been working directly with homeowners, businesses, builders and local real estate agents helping to improve the quality of their water. Water purification, filters, and treatment systems insure that you get the highest quality water you would expect with a new water purification or water filter system. In addition to our many residential customers, we also provide water purification, water filters and water treatment equipment for municipal buildings, supermarkets, schools, churches, and assisted living facilities.


Water Softening Systems

Untreated well water allows the hard minerals in your water too cause scale build-up in the domestic water pipes, plumbing fixtures, tank type and tank less water heaters. Scale build-up in water heaters act as an insulator, making water heaters less effective and more expensive to operate.

This untreated mineralized water will cause more frequent repairs and premature replacement of your appliances like dish and clothes washers. Properly conditioned water prevents this scale build-up, protects your plumbing fixtures, and increases the life on all your water-operated appliances.


Taste – Odor – Sediment and Carbon Fibers