Commercial Plumbing and Heating

Commercial Plumbing Design and Construction

Paragon Mechanical is a “full service” commercial heating and plumbing company providing full mechanical design capabilities. We can provide professional level consultation and design suggestions before you finalize your building plans which can save you thousands of dollars in construction expenses as well as years of headaches from a heating system that was not designed and installed correctly.

A well designed commercial heating system will save a business owner multiplied thousands of dollars and provide decades of lower heating and energy costs during the life of their business operation.

Our Process

When you are thinking of putting up a new commercial building we can assist you in designing the plumbing layout for efficiencies and cost savings. Then, once construction begins, our teams will serve as your commercial plumbing contractors from the “rough in”stage all the way to final trim out.

Then Paragon Mechanical will be there to service and maintenance your commercial heating system to insure years of trouble free operation.

Tenant Improvements

Paragon Mechanical Plumbing & Heating can handle all phases of commercial building tenant improvements. When you have a vacancy in your commercial building it costs you money and we understand the need for expeditious and professional commercial plumbing service to get your property making money for you again.

If you are moving in to a new commercial property, we also understand what it is to pay a lease payment and know the importance of getting your tenant improvements finished on schedule so there is no delays in getting your business open on time.