AK Energy Rebate Program

The Home Energy Rebate Program is for Alaska homeowners. Only owner-occupied year round residents are eligible. There are no income limits for this program. Individuals may not participate in both the Home Energy Rebate and Five Star Plus New Home Rebate. Paragon Mechanical specializes in new and replacement boiler installation to assist Alaskans in the  Alaska Housing Finance AK Rebate program. If you are in the program and need to replace or install a high efficiency boiler system to meet the requirements we can help.


There are 3 basic programs within the Alaska Housing Finance AK Energy Rebate:

  • Home Energy Rebate
  • 5 Star Plus New Home Rebate
  • Appliance Rebate

If your not signed up for this program and have questions or you want to learn more about AHFC’s programs, or you desire to sign up, you can go to their website at AKREBATE

If you are already signed up for the Alaska Home Energy Rebate and you need assistance to know which high efficiency boiler systems comply with AK Rebate standards please give us a call us at 907-354-3495 for a free consultation.

General Info:

  • Alaskan homeowners may participate in the Home Energy Rebate Program.
  • There are no income requirements.
  • Only owner-occupied, year-round residences are eligible.
  • Homeowners pay upfront and are then rebated for making the eligible improvements.
  • Before (“As-Is”) and after (“Post-Improvement”) energy ratings are required.
  • Individuals may not participate in both the Weatherization Program and Home Energy Rebate Program.


The program is subject to funding availability.